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206.5 lbs
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WEIGHT LOSS:   50.6 lbs!!!


NOW  5.9!!!






Both of my parents died of diabetes related diseases.  Both sets of my grandparents likewise…so when I was diagnosed with diabetes, I felt I was ready to tackle this, especially as 4 of my 5 siblings also had it!

Well, I found out I didn’t know as much about it as I had thought, even though I had given my parents their insulin shots for months before their deaths.  I had also stopped eating sugar at the age of 40 because that was the time when my mother was diagnosed.  I also ate as healthy as I knew and exercised as well as working at losing weight.

Since my knowledge of the disease was (in spite of the above) spotty, at the age of 75 I was diagnosed with it myself, having an A1C of 8+. After receiving meter, basic medicine, and instruction I was turned loose to deal with it.

I found I didn’t know nearly as much as I should/needed.  Dr. Alberto Carro then recommended I get in touch with a diabetic specialist who was having group classes for those who needed more instruction.  Jody Barnett, Certified Diabetes Educator and head coach met with me and 6 or 8 others, also new to diabetes and we began our journey to a better life.

I started losing weight and progressing well, so I attended several classes and then thinking I had the necessary information I stopped attending.  After about a year with my A1C steadily dropping, I hit a plateau and it was recommended again by my doctor to go to Jodie and get the boost I needed.  At that time she was holding a weekly class on the WSU campus at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday mornings.

My latest A1C test was 5.9 and I continue with the class, not only to help me learn new things, but to encourage others struggling with the disease.

Jodie has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful as well as encouraging.  I continue to lose weight steadily as long as I follow her instructions.  I would encourage anyone with this disease to look her up!


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I was sent to Jodie to help me with my diabetes.  I attended classes and then started attending her weekly “Healthy Living” classes.  I soon started losing weight and started feeling so much better.  I have so far lost over 20lbs.  In addition, I was able to lower my HGBAIC from 8.2% down to 6.5%.  My lipid profile improved greatly with healthy eating by reducing my  (bad cholesterol) LDL  143 down to 82 and Triglycerides 561 clear down to 139!!!  My kidneys were starting show signs of failure and I have reversed that now.



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