At Bodyworx, we focus on great outcomes because we focus on YOU.

Weight loss and diabetes class
“Jodie has helped me go from 4 shots a day down to 1 shot. She helped me plan better meals and I lowered my blood sugars and lost approx. 30 lbs. My last HGBAIC was 5.2!”

Each  program is individualized to meet your specific needs and connects you to the power of information and support. Whether you need to work around a job or school schedule, our specialty is providing strong support in a flexible atmosphere.  Whether it’s face to face visits, group classes, Skype, online webinars, or take-home DVD’s, what matters is that YOU get information tailored to your lifestyle, at your pace.

Our comprehensive services connect you to a Nurse Practitioner, Certified Diabetes Educator and nutritionist who become your personal coach, championing your success. Others on the team include a Physical Therapist  (Bodyworx Physical Therapy) and a Personal Trainer.


  • Meal Planning
  • Great tasting Recipes
  • Weight loss
  • Reversing erectile dysfunction
  • Decrease in medication usage
  • Personalized and individualized care
  • Customized to your needs
  • Reduction of high risk complications such as:  Amputations, Blindness, Heart disease and Kidney failure
  • Savings of future health care costs
  • Specialized team available:  Nurse Practitioner, Nutritionist, Heath Coach, Physical therapy, and Personal Traniner.


These are some of the Specialized services:

Diabetes Education:

The Bodyworx Diabetes Education and Management Program focuses on helping people 140508 Jodie SASO-4956 (2)with diabetes learn the steps required to manage the disease, simply and successfully.  The program is individually designed for people of all ages and provides the tools that propel individuals to diabetes management success.

Diabetes self-management does not mean managing alone. Bodyworx is here to partner with you to make your life work.

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Weight Management:

“I have tried for years to get my weight to less than 200lbs.  I am now at 185 lbs. with Jodie’s help in meal planning”.

Robert Messerschmidt

Need help in losing weight AND keeping it off?

Want to eat real food, but need help in planning healthy meals?

Not sure how to start an exercise program?

Maybe you know what to do but keeping yourself accountable is a problem.

Bodyworx has the qualified people to come alongside you and accomplish the goals you need to lose weight the healthy way and keep it off.  We will help you establish health habits to last a life time.

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Healthy Living

Looking for help in lowering your cholesterol or blood pressure?  Maybe wondering if you are lactose or gluten intolerant?  Perhaps you just want to learn how to eat healthy and fix more healthy meals for your family.

Bodyworx can give you the personalized counseling and tools to begin living a healthier life!400_F_35501285_uk2OKEKtQT7CS4jv4JT6IwDYu8BOFUo0[1]

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